Discover The World 8 Most dangerous Island You Would Never want to Visit

What island in southeast Asia is crawling with man-eating crocodiles? How did Danger Island earn its name?

Let's Find out in 8 Most Dangerous Islands You NEVER Want To Visit! 

 8. Farallon Islands

Discover The World 8 Most dangerous Island You Would Never want to Visit

Twenty-miles west of San Francisco sits a series of islands that are so jagged they have earned the moniker The Devil's Teeth but this may no longer be a name based only in appearance.

Because of the islands, potentially dangerous humans have been banned from stepping foot on the islands. The waters around the islands are still a popular destination for whale watchers and because humans can no longer interfere.

The Farallons have become home to one of the largest seabird colonies in the United States. Although you can still catch intrepid skin divers sneaking onto the islands, the government adamantly warns anyone that they do so at their own risk.

You might be able to avoid the dozens of great white sharks that roam the area feeding off the Farallons' large population of elephant seals but the real danger is one you won't be able to punch in the nose.

Throughout the middle of the twentieth century the waters around the island were used for the disposal of radioactive materials. There are almost 50,000 drums full of nuclear-waste throughout the area and with numbers that high leaks are an inevitable certainty.

 7. Reunion Island

Discover The World 8 Most dangerous Island You Would Never want to Visit

West of the African island of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean sits Reunion Island a small yet busy island that is covered by rainforest, rivers, and breathtaking waterfalls.

 Though it is over 5,500 miles away from France the island is still governed by French law and because it is less of a hassle than traveling to island destination where passports may be required, it has become a popular vacation destination for French citizens.

Because of this, the island is one of the most modern islands in terms of sanitation and transportation. It could be easy to get carried away day-dreaming about visiting Reunion because of its beautiful villages and relative isolation from the outside world but tourists must be prepared for the terrifying realities of this pristine locale.

First off, it is home to one of the most active volcanoes in all of the worlds which was a popular hiking destination for tourists until it was deemed too dangerous to traverse. The island also has the distinction of being one of the leading islands in terms of annual rainfall in the entire world and is often the victim of violent tropical cyclones.

Lastly, Reunion is known for having one of the largest and most vicious populations of sharks encircling it. The shark's attack have become so bad that the French government has forbidden surfing around the island. Despite this, there are still around half a dozen deaths every year from shark attacks.

6. Danger Island

Discover The World 8 Most dangerous Island You Would Never want to Visit

South of the Maldives in the western part of the Indian Ocean lies the Chagos Archipelago a series of coral islands long inhabited by the Chagos peoples. One of the smallest of these atolls is DangerIsland, full of coconut trees that used to act as a reserve by the Chagos in the event food supplies run short.

The island is full of wildlife, most significantly is the home of two rare birds with fun names to say: brown noddies and red-footed boobies.

The island isn't actually as dangerous to modern-day adventurers as its name suggests. The name is merely a holdover from ye olden times as when it was first mapped in the 19th century, seafarers found the coral reef and rocky shoals that surrounded it too treacherous to anchor their ships.

 Even with modern transportation, the island is incredibly difficult to get to and navigate without risking damage. If you were to end up grounded or wrecked near Danger Island you would find yourself utterly isolated from the world and would especially in trouble if you were allergic to coconuts.

5. "Tristan da Cunha"

Discover The World 8 Most dangerous Island You Would Never want to Visit

Almost 1800 miles east of South Africa is the British territory known as Tristan daCunha. Visiting this grassy circle shaped island that measures only 8 miles across can be incredibly daunting as the only way to reach it is by traveling seven days by boat. Because of this it once had the distinction of being the most isolated yet still inhabited place on Earth.

That was until the volcano that formed the island had enough of being host to humans and erupted in 1961, causing widespread devastation.

Luckily because there were only a few inhabitants, to begin with on Tristan da Cunha, the British were able to successfully relocate everyone to England before they could be wiped out.

 Slowly people have returned, the island is now home to around 270 locals who live life off-the-grid and farm to make ends meet all the while trying to forget that the volcano may evict them at a moments notice.

 4. Bikini Atoll
Discover The World 8 Most dangerous Island You Would Never want to Visit

The Marshall Islands are a series of atolls and islands that lie east of Guam in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The most famous of these islands is that of Bikini Atoll which although small helped shaped history, along the way becoming synonymous with the two-piece bathing suit and the atomic bomb.

What was once a beautiful tropical locale now a radioactive wasteland as Bikini Atoll was one of the main sites at which the UnitedStates military tested nuclear weapons? Though the island had a small indigenous population, they were all relocated to a nearby island in 1946 before testing commenced.

The island has remained abandoned to this day aside from researchers studying the effects of radioactivity.

3. Hashima Island

Discover The World 8 Most dangerous Island You Would Never want to Visit

If you head out to see traveling west from Nagasaki, Japan you will come across what appears to be a floating fortress, this is the island of Hashima aptly known by the nickname'Battleship Island'. Hashima was once one of the main sources of fuel for the Japanese military during World War II.

The island was home to a coal mine and because of the sheer amount of workers (the majority of which being Korean and Chinese POWs and enslaved civilians), it was at one point the most densely populated place on Earth.

 However, a few years after the war the Japanese eschewed coal for oil, and the mine was abandoned. Because there is no one to manage the giant housing buildings and other complexes they have fallen into severe disrepair and nature is slowly taking back the island.

This has made the island extremely dangerous to traverse as the buildings and seawalls built to hold back vicious tsunami waves are crumbling all around.

It is also believed that there may be unrecovered naval mines in the surrounding water.

2. Bear Island

Discover The World 8 Most dangerous Island You Would Never want to Visit

Between the Arctic Island of Svalbard and mainland Norway lies Bear Island. The island--with an area just over 110 square miles was once considered a vital position for naval reconnaissance now only hosts little more than a weather station and few abandoned houses. 

The entire island has been declared a nature reserve by the Norwegian government but there really isn't much nature to find as it is largely devoid of plant and animal life aside from moss, seabirds, and fish.

 It is believed that much of this is due to toxic contaminants that have found their way to the island via air currents that waft pollution from industrial countries like the United States and England that border the Atlantic.

 But the true danger of Bear Island comes from another form of pollution. In 1989 a Soviet nuclear submarine crashed just south of the island resulting in much of the water surrounding the island having been possibly been contaminated with radioactive waste.

 Then in 2009, a Russian transport carrying upwards of 15,000 gallons of oil rammed into the island, becoming lodged. Much of the oil leaked into the sea causing large numbers of the island's seabird population to perish and only adding to the man-made destruction haunting the island. 

The pollution, combined with the desert-like terrain which averages nearly zero inches of rainfall a year, and the steep sharp cliffs that makeup Bear Island this is one place you can cross of your list of potential vacation destinations.

1. "Saba"

Discover The World 8 Most dangerous Island You Would Never want to Visit

If you are willing to brave the rocky but the short twelve-minute plane ride from St. Maarten to Saba, the smallest island in the Dutch Antilles you will be graced with a view like none other, a place that looks trapped in the ancient past. 

Upon arrival, you will find a village nestled upon a volcano that is full of vibrant atmosphere with live music, family-owned restaurants featuring fresh-caught cuisine, and plenty of outdoor activities like scuba-diving and hiking for nature lovers. 

But all this comes at a cost. You might say that the locals have become such experts at having a good time because at any moment it could all be destroyed.

 Tourists have been known to call it 'The Unspoiled teen of the Caribbean' but it could be more accurately described as 'Hurricane Island'.

 Because of its location right in the Atlantic's hurricane alley, the island has been noted for being hit by the most hurricanes of any island on Earth. 

Despite the constant attacks that mother nature rings down upon Saba its people still find a way to survive and rebuild time and time again.


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