KNOWLEDGE BASE: Quick Health Care Tips to do when there is no doctor.

    There are diverse conditions where individuals can be opportune or prompted to engage or render health services to people either indoor and outside the home  even when there is no health care practitioner or doctor.

KNOWLEDGE BASE: Quick Health Care Tips to do when there is no doctor.

Another is to know one's limits, what to do and what not to do at a given time which might serve as a first aid before referring to other health bodies/centre some are listed below.

1. Primary Health Care Centers, this is also termed the grassroots contact examples are urban facilities or health center's in different communities with the help of qualified nurses and other health workers to render health services.

2. Hospitals, this is either public or private.

3. Tertiary Hospitals: This is more complex as there are availability of different specialist like Podiatrist, Gynecologist, Surgeon, General Practitioners, Nutritionist  and many more.

A point which is crucial is for you to compare the distance from the incident scene to the nearest health centre or hospital, this is necessary as determining what to do if the patient's life will be sustained or not. If the life might not be sustain due to distance you have to give what is available before any referring.

KNOWLEDGE BASE: Quick Health Care Tips to do when there is no doctor.

Sustainability of ones life is most important, all your effort is as useless if the life isn't sustained.

Some common situations one might experience which needs immediate attention are listed below and as their simple solutions as well.

Diarrhea and Vomiting

Diarrhea and Vomiting is dangerous to the human body system.

The necessary method is to give ORT (Oral Re-hydration Therapy) with cup and spoon to sip.
Content/Application: 5 cubes of sugar and one tea spoon level of salt which is not heaped; put into a measured mineral emptied bottle filled with certain amount of clean water that is poured into a well hydrated bowl or cup. Stir and pour into another container with cover.

As the patient stools or vomits, give as you refer the patient to the nearest health care or medical centre.

Post Par-tum Hemorrhage

This is other wise known as bleeding after delivery, possible solution is for you to compress the uterus with your two hands as you refer to hospital or nearest health care centre.

Impaired Breathing

In a situation of impaired breathing been a case that affects the lung then gives a hard breathing experience, the possible remedy before referring is you giving the patient artificial respiratory system either by your mouth or any available respiratory source.


You will need to take a proper dosage of paracetamol, then if the condition is not responding well you will need to refer to a health practitioner.

RTA (Road Accident)

In the case of road accident there are diverse of experience one can undergo, for the case of bleeding your are advised to tie above the bleeding point so as to reduce the flow of blood before you refer to any nearest health centre.

KNOWLEDGE BASE: Quick Health Care Tips to do when there is no doctor.


Applying the above aids are good and it is necessary for you to refer to a health practitioner because you also need to avoid;

1. Avoid over dose and under-dose of drug which might likely lead to death of victims.
2. You may not be educated on the actions of some specific drugs to a particular ill health.
3. It better to avoid the wrong by not trying, than ending up doing the worse by killing the patient. Be careful with anything concerning health care.

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