Watermelon As A Medicine

Watermelon As A Medicine

Watermelon is used widely as food and medicine. This food which has the botanical name Citrus Lunatus has come to stay and it is grown widely in Nigeria and many other countries throughout the world.

There have been many discoveries on the various medicinal usefulness of watermelon, and many more yet unknown.

It is used as a medicine for the treatment of whit-low, hypertension, gonorrhea, leucorrhea, cystitis, malaria fever, and many more.

Watermelon helps kidney disorder, a good solution for early kidney failure which comes as a result of fluid retention and scanty urine flow. It benefits the heart, kidney, and livers.

It is also a common remedy for kidney stones and edema. Patients suffering from diabetes are strongly advised to take watermelon often because of it low sugar content, high vitamins, and minerals.

Watermelon is very rich as per it contents, containing a very low amount of sugar, high vitamin, and minerals, some of the vitamin and mineral are listed below;

Vitamin Contents

1. Vitamin A
2. Vitamin B
3. Vitamin C
4. Vitamin E
5. Vitamin 

Mineral Contents

1. Calcium
2. Phosphorus
3. Potassium
4. Bioflavonoid etc.

Watermelon As A Medicine

You might definitely have suspected that not everyone should eat the same thing or engage in the same exercise, you are right. Your blood type reflects your internal chemistry.

It actually explains and determines the way you absorb nutrients, the food you absorbs well, and how your body handles stress differ with each blood type.

On a fact which should be practiced as laid down, Eat right for your blood type. It helps in designing a total health program that is right for your blood type.

As the blood types differ so the eating/feeding habits and pattern differs, a precise way for you to maintain a good pattern as concerns your blood type is conveyed below.

Blood type O

1. Eat meat ( As a carrier of blood type O, you need high protein and low amount of carbohydrate).
2. Cut out wheat and most other grains
3. Engage often in various aerobic exercises.
4. Your risk factors for ulcers and inflammatory diseases such as arthritis increases if you eat inappropriately as concerns your blood type.

Blood type A

1. You should definitely be a vegetarian ( A blood type A carrier needs more of carbohydrate and very low amount of fat).
2. Engage in gentle exercise such as golf or yoga (Stress or high tension engagements are risky for an A type carrier).
3. Meditate to deal with stress.
4. Your risk factors for cancer and heart diseases increases if you eat inappropriately as concerns your blood type.

Blood type B

1. As an B type carrier you should have the most varied diet of all the blood types, one including meat, type B is the only blood type that does well with vary products.
2. Engage in moderate exercise such as swimming, walking etc.
3. Your risk for slow-growth viruses that affects the nervous system increases if you eat inappropriately as concerns your blood type

Blood type AB

1. You have most of the benefits and intolerance of group A and B.
2. Engage yourself more in calming exercise and relaxation techniques.
3. You have the friendly immune system of all the blood types.

Watermelon As A Medicine

Watermelon is a good food and also a medicine for all blood types, you should try eating and not just the flesh but the seeds and cover layers too are more medicinal.

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