How to Spy on WhatsApp Message without installing any New App

  Hello Everyone! Today we will see how to read somebody else WhatsApp on your phone without having to install a new app you need access to the other person's device for a few seconds so that you can replicate their WhatsApp on your phone and you will also see how to disable notification in the target phone so that he is not aware of this WhatsApp being read somewhere else. 

How to Spy on WhatsApp Message without installing any New App

Before we start I'd like to tell you this article is only for educational purposes don't misuse it or use it in unauthorized phones you can use it to monitor your kid's online activity if you feel something wrong is happening. 

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Here's the trick to Spy on WhatsApp Message without installing any New App 

I have this mobile pixel I'll read WhatsApp of this pixel on OnePlus phone. To do that open Chrome on your phone and enabled "Desktop Mode". This is very important if you don't enable desktop mode it won't work. 

And browse it's asking you to scan this from a Phone that you want to track here so that, that Phones WhatsApp will be replicated on this screen so you will open my pixel phone I will open WhatsApp goto "WhatsApp Web" And scan the code. 

How to Spy on WhatsApp Message without installing any New App

Now it has replicated the WhatsApp from my pixel to one plus so you see all the messages are here now you can click on one and send message to that person for example tap here and say hi and this I have sent a message to my WhatsApp so it appeared here and it will appear it should appear in this phone as well see the top it has come as simple as that. 

So it will stay even if you close this and open again it should appear but make sure you enable desktop mode first and then browse otherwise it won't work.  

This topic many would have done already but here you see a notification on the target phone that his WhatsApp web is active so that he gets to know somebody is accessing his WhatsApp. 

Now to disable that long tap on it go to turnoff notification and disable "other notification" here. 

Don't disable all notification otherwise he will not get to know about any messages that here receives just turn off the other notification and this WhatsApp web is active message should go off even though it's active here. 

For More Info Watch The Video Below;

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Do you know you can do the same for your laptop?

Let's see how to do the same on the laptop so even in Laptop you do the same.

First, go to open WhatsApp tap on WhatsApp web and tap on the + mark to add a new device and then scan the QR code and you will see the WhatsApp replicated on the screen and that there is no notification displayed here saying that is WhatsApp Web is active.  

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